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The Best Indica Weed Strains Online

Indica weed strains are short and stocky. They grow in bushy greeneries and develop broad leaves that are chunky.

ypically, Indica weed strains boast an all-time high CBD count, making them great for medical application. That is not to say their THC count is negligible. Indica weed strains still pack high THC levels and some serious psychedelic punches.

A puff or two from our Hindu Kush or Granddaddy Purple will thrust you into a delightful euphoria and deep relaxation.

Medical cannabis users are especially charmed by Indica weed strains for their ability to soothe chronic pain, improve appetite and chase away insomnia.

If you’re looking for a particularly aromatic, delicious strain, then, you can’t go wrong with Pine Tar (AAAA) – Popcorn Nugs or Pink Sunset (AAAA) – Popcorn Nugs or any other Indica strain feature on our online dispensary. 

Indica weed strains feature pleasant fruity scents highlighted by licorice, earthy and spicy notes. These intense flavours can be attributed to the illustrious list of terpenes.

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Exotic House Dispensary features a diverse list of Indica strains to ensure medical cannabis users get access to the specific strain they need for their medical condition.

All our Indica weed strains are priced fairly to ensure you get access to the highest quality cheap buds available in USA.

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Buy Indica Marijuana Strains Online

What is indica weed? You might see it referred to as indica marijuana, indica cannabis, or indica flower strains. Whichever way, indica is one of the main types of cannabis flower, along with sativa and hybrid. In comparison to its counterparts, indica cannabis delivers a more soothing, relaxing, and body-focused high.

Indica strains provide many positive effects and medical benefits for users, and each strain differs in terms of flavor, effects, and potency. Luckily, it’s easy to buy indica marijuana strains online in USA for safe and discreet delivery.

Effects of Indica Weed Strains

Indica cannabis is known for inducing potent, physically-soothing effects. Each indica strain is different, but smoking or vaping indica weed will generally lead to relaxing waves throughout your body and a sense of euphoric bliss. It can also ease your mind of worries and make you feel more introspective. As such, indica strains are often great for evening relaxation or even to help you sleep.

Medical Benefits of Indica Weed Strains

The physical effects of indica strains are especially helpful for medical marijuana users. Indica weed can help soothe chronic pain, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain, aches, and physical distress. The mental effects can also help with chronic stress and anxiety, although heavy indica strains may make you overthink. Indica marijuana is also excellent for counteracting insomnia and lack of appetite.

Indica vs. Sativa Flower

Is indica flower better than sativa flower? Both of these types of cannabis can deliver a range of beneficial effects, but indica strains are generally the better choice if you’re looking for deep physical relaxation or want to counteract issues such as pain, inflammation, and insomnia. In contrast, sativa weed will deliver more of an uplifting, energizing high, making it better for daytime use, creative tasks, and social situations.

Indica vs. Hybrid Flower

You might want to use a hybrid strain instead of an indica strain if you want a more versatile and balanced high. Hybrid strains possess properties of both indica and sativa strains, making them more diverse in their effects. Many indica strains are technically indica-dominant hybrid strains, meaning they’ll give you a physically-focused high with mentally-uplifting effects.

How To Use Indica Cannabis

  • Smoking Indica Cannabis in a Joint: You can smoke indica flower by grinding it using a grinder and rolling it into a joint. This delivers instant, hard-hitting effects and is also great for smoking with friends.
  • Smoking Indica Cannabis in a Bowl: You can also grind your indica weed and add it to the bowl of your bong or pipe. This also delivers potent effects and many users find it more convenient than rolling joints.
  • Vaping Indica Cannabis: You can vaporize indica weed with a dry herb vaporizer or vape pen. Simply add your buds of ground indica flower to your device and turn the device on to produce inhalable indica vapor.


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